Janey Butler Handpicked Artists Series #4 Ceramicist Julie Nelson

Julie Nelson is a Ceramicist whos work can be viewed and purchased on our Online Store here at Janey Butler Collections. Julie specialised in Ceramics for her BA Degree in London, this shortly followed exhibitions in the USA and Europe, she has now returned to living on the coast near Brighton, which much informs her on her one-off pieces.
Predominately using Clay, Porcelain and Glazes throughout her work, each piece is sculpted by hand. These materials combined help to create a stunning detail which can be viewed up close.

Julies inspiration comes from the natural world, botany and landscapes, which instantly drew Janey to her pieces. Julie often collected pebbles and shells on the coat on days out, which has developed her interest in her stunningly and unique pieces of work.

She often puts her own modern artistic twist on symbolism, allowing her to communicate through her work to help breakdown the barrier of language too.