Janey Butler’s Handpicked Supplier Series 5

Uniquely scented candles is something Janey is always on the lookout for, whilst she sources her stunning collection of objects. AMEN was a natural fit for the Collections, their ethos, beliefs, product line, aesthetics and not forgetting their natural scents all stood out, having a similar outlook and beliefs as Janey. Candles are an essential item to any home, they can be used in most spaces and have multiple functions, whilst they can be perfect gift too. Adding ambient lighting, smell, even when they are not lit, they can start the process of creating a stunning collection of pieces. AMEN is the perfect way to do just that.
About AMEN
Λ M E N is a story about how beings find light within each and everyday in their own way.
The Paris based Maison is a first-in-kind sustainable high-end design candle brand hand made in Grasse, the world capital of perfumery, from natural vegetal oil wax. Established in 2020 with immediate recognition as The New Sustainable Candle Brand, amen combines wabi-sabi and minimalism aesthetics with a new Savoir-faire Conscient.


ABOUT THE OUTSIDE: AMEN MYCELIUM CO2 NEGATIVE PACKAGING : designed by amen, made by mushrooms.

The revolutionary CO2 negative, circular biodegradable packaging is being shared in a Global Series of art exhibitions. 


The 'mushroom conversations' Art Exhibitions started in Stuttgart GALERIE KERNWEINE, Paris DOVER STREET PARFUMS MARKET, DESIGN MIAMI and coming soon Gaia Art Foundation in London and a Museum in Tokio in a collaborative effort to share a CO2 negative emission, circular and biodegradable packaging between artists, scientists, Foundations, Universities and sustainability activists with only one purpose : plastic to be only at museums and mushrooms packaging to become affordable and democratic. More info on the exhibition 'muhsrooms conversations' here: https://amencandles.fr/blogs/news/mushrooms-conversations and our short film: MUSHROOM CONVERSATIONS.



For our inaugural LIMITED EDITION COLLECTION, we selected the fragrances with leading Yoga Meccas and Gurus around the world to create 7 fragrances for 7 chakras to help align our chakras for a balanced body, mind and soul.