Stunning Spa Style

Considering wellness and relaxation spaces within our High-End Residential Projects is part of our signature Janey Butler Design Aesthetic, designing space which allows our Clients to switch off from the outside world.

Accessories featured here, suitable for Spa Style spaces, can be purchased easily in our online store.

Throughout previous projects we have introduced gym and wellness centres, luxury bathrooms and en-suites. Within this type of area we really look to introduce a Spa like look and feel. Considering light and airy tones and textures through materiality, furniture and accessories are essential to a timeless all-important space for relaxation.

We are really meticulous when it comes to selecting finishes. Materials which are timeless, for example oak, leather, porcelain and bronze can often be seen in our Award-Winning Schemes and still retain the same look and feel in years to come.

Selecting suitable furniture pieces like poufs and side tables as a space to rest with a drink, which contain lightly coloured leathers contribute to ensure the space retains a light airy refreshing overall look. Alongside usual and especially selected pieces of wood can help to create a visual connection to the outdoors.

Furthermore, ensuring carefully considered finishes touches like potted plants, white organic shaped ceramics, tea light holders and candles, all help in setting the scene. These usual one-of-a-kind pieces are all hand-picked by the Interior Design Director Janey Butler, creating a feel of High-End Luxury.