Tips on Styling your home with Janey Butler Collections

1. Use a statement timeless piece

Timeless piece

All of the pieces from Janey Butler Collections are inspired by nature and natural beauty, which ultimately means every piece is timeless in its own way. Whether the statement piece is a piece of Artwork or a handmade vessel, both of these elements contribute to create a gorgeously styled space. Adding layers of difference accessories, like; tea lights, candles, vases whilst thinking about those statement pieces will help to create a beautiful collection of objects.

2. Think about proportions and spacing

Having the right balance of different, shapes and sizes is key, whilst also considering lines and spacing. Try not to over think the process too much as this can lead to over styling, it almost wants to look exquisitely coincidental for a true Janey Butler Style.

3. Look for colour balance and suitability

Think about your surroundings, what is in the existing space? Is the space soft and light or is it dark and textured? Does it have a particular purpose? For example, in our elegant light and airy Master Suites we create, provide much needed tranquillity for our Clients. Therefore, introducing white ceramics vases and freshly cut flowers are the perfect way to continue the elegance of the space.

4. View your collections from different angles

Once you are content with your collection, move around. Follow the routes that you would naturally pass through in your home, whilst looking at your collection, this will enable you to see the pieces from different angles, helping to ensure the composition is right.

5. Make it personal to you

Perhaps you have some old treasures from your home or seashells you collected from a beach when you were out walking, use them and bring them into your collection, make it personal and meaningful to you.